Important Landlord Information

Important Landlord Information

Every landlord is legally required to have their tenancy registered with the RTB. This costs €90 and must be completed within 30 days of the tenancy commencing. We look after the registration for our clients.

Every landlord must file an annual tax return even if they make a loss on their rental property and even if they are in PAYE employment. Landlords who are not resident in Ireland are also subject to additional tax rules

We work with many property tax experts and can provide our clients with referrals for discounted rates.

Rental Standards
All rental properties must meet certain minimum standards. Rental properties are subject to inspection and there are significant fines for non-compliance. We provide advice to all our client on meeting their obligations.

BER (Building Energy Rating)
It is now a legal requirement to have a Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate for every rental property advertised. It is illegal to advertise a property for rent without a BER Cert.  Once obtained a BER cert is valid for 10 years.

All landlords should ensure that they have the correct insurance policy in place on their rental property. A normal owner-occupier policy will not be adequate. The insurance company must be informed if a property is rented.

Landlords are not responsible for insuring tenant’s contents. It is up to the tenants to obtain adequate contents insurance for their own possessions.